Danielle Colbert-Lewis

North Carolina Central University, NC

Danielle Colbert-Lewis (she, her, hers) is the Head of Research and Instructional Services at the North Carolina Central University (NCCU), James E. Shepard Memorial Library. Previously she held the position of Research and Instructional Services Librarian at NC Central University, Reference and Instruction Librarian at the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh with faculty ranking. Librarian expertise includes the following areas: Reference, Information Literacy, and utilizing legal resources, First Year Experience Instructor, the Institution Repository, Scholarly Communications, and Programming. Prior higher education professional student affairs experience includes serving the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Cross Cultural and Leadership Development and the Office of Student Life as a Coordinator and Advisor for the following organizations: Asian Student Alliance, Black Action Society, Campus Women’s Organization, Freedom Honor Society, Rainbow Alliance, and Strong Women Strong Girls campus coach. Prior to serving the University of Pittsburgh professional experience includes the following: Assistant Director of Reunions and Class Activities at the University of Virginia Alumni Association, Area Coordinator at the University of Richmond Westhampton College, and Assistant Resident Director at Virginia Tech Residence Life. Research, presentations, and professional development focus on the following areas: Personality type theory and librarians, higher education leadership, social justice, information literacy, mentoring, emotional intelligence, teaching and learning.