Library Freedom Institute

Library Freedom Institute is a privacy-focused 6-month virtual training for librarians. This curriculum will give them the tools they need to become privacy champions in their libraries.

Once-a-month, we’ll provide a 2-hour training that covers a variety of topics. Throughout the course, each participant will spend 1-2 hours a week asynchronously working on a project to be shared with the LFP community.

LFI is made possible with generous support from the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.

Institute Timeline

February 2024: Applications open
March 2024: Applications due
May 2024: Privacy and the Library Pt 1
June 2024: Privacy and the Library Pt 2
July 2024: State of Tech / Tech State
August 2024: Privacy and the Law
September 2024: Tools and Tech for Privacy
October 2024: Teaching and Advocating
November 2024: Projects due

Application Questions

What is your gender? (Asked to ensure gender diversity)
What is your race or ethnicity? (Asked to ensure racial diversity)
How do surveillance and privacy issues affect the community where you work?
What do you hope to learn from LFI and how will you implement it in your library work?
Are there days/times when you are available for online discussion in real time?
Will your workplace support your participation?
Is your workplace willing to contribute financially to LFP?