Makea King

Johns Hopkins University, MD

Makea King (she/her) currently works in data and information management at Johns Hopkins University. She holds undergraduate degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Business Management and she received her MLIS from the University of Maryland, College Park. In her current role, she is responsible for creating databases and information portals for internal and external clients and being a PDF/InDesign jedi master. She is also an enthusiastic champion of Excel’s cooler aunt, Airtable.

As an ethical information professional, she is devoted to creating inclusive and accessible learning environments and believes in equitable access to information. Personal areas of interest are sustainability within the fashion industry, data privacy and ethics in research, the access to information for incarcerated people, and the lasting impact of racial discrimination from The New Deal. When not staring into the void of two laptops, she enjoys photographing her cats, baking tasty desserts, and jotting down random musings and essays that will likely never become the memoir she thinks they will.