Cindy Pierard

University of New Mexico, NM

My name is Cindy and my pronouns are she/her. Since 2014, I have served as Director of Access Services & Undergraduate Engagement for the College of University Libraries & Learning Sciences at the University of New Mexico. I’ve also worked at other academic libraries in the Midwest and New Mexico. Some of the areas I work with include: circulation, reserves, collection maintenance, space management, resource sharing and delivery, and information and reference services (both online and f2f). All of these are arenas for thinking about how the library works with privacy, whether we are talking about user records, privacy in spaces, vendor access to information, etc. I would also like to think about developing programs for students–maybe also our workforce– to engage and empower each other in how we work with and manage broader privacy concerns. There are a lot of different dimensions to this and I especially see complexities faced by individuals and communities I work with in New Mexico. I look forward to thinking about these issues with all of you and considering how I can apply this to my work.