Our Funding

Library Freedom is made possible through the support of our sponsors and by the generosity of your tax-deductible donations.

Donations do not fund the Library Freedom Institute which is funded entirely by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

We're Grateful For Our Sponsors

With special thanks, we'd like to acknowledge the following organizations for their generous funding of Library Freedom.

Knight Foundation

Investing in journalism and the arts to foster informed and engaged communities

Rose Foundation

Supporting the education of users, regulators, and enterprises on issues relating to privacy

Shuttleworth Foundation

With a history in aviation preservation, Shuttleworth is dedicated to the LFP's mission

Institute of Museum and Library Services

The primary source of federal support for the nation's approximately 120,000 libraries & 35,000 museums


Calyx Institute

The Calyx Institute's mission is to educate the public about privacy in digital communications and to develop tools that anyone can use to build "privacy by design" into their internet access. By developing encryption and anonymity tools that can help users maintain their privacy, we hope to make online security easier and more accessible for everyone online.

  • “DHS (Department of Homeland Security) fought to stop libraries from using privacy technology, but @LibraryFreedom beat them. Librarians are badass.”
    Edward Snowden
    Board Chairman, Freedom of the Press Foundation