Quick Courses to Sharpen
Your Privacy Skills

LFP's Crash Courses are free, privacy-focused two-month trainings for librarians to learn how to become privacy champions in their libraries.

It's here! Applications for the 2021 Crash Courses are now open

Systems & Policies

In this Crash Course, we're focusing on privacy in library infrastructure. Topics will include: creating good privacy and data governance policies, conducting privacy audits, working with library IT, understanding vendor agreements from a privacy perspective, and more. It'll cover some technical stuff, but it's intended for library workers without a formal technical background or role.

Programs & Training

In this Crash Course, we're learning how to teach privacy to patrons, fellow staff, and other stakeholders. We'll cover some of the broader privacy landscape out in the world -- things like consumer technologies, police surveillance, artificial intelligence -- and discuss how the loss of privacy affects our communities. We'll learn how to run effective and interesting privacy programs for various audiences.

April 10, 2021

Applications close for Systems and Policy Crash Course. Applicants notified by April 15, 2021.

May-June 2021

System & Policies Crash Course

August 10, 2021

Applications close for Programs and Training Crash Course. Applicants notified by August 15, 2021.

September-October 2021

Programs & Training Crash Course

Application Questions

Please submit your responses in a common document format (LibreOffice/OpenOffice, MS Office, PDF). Responses to questions should be 2-5 pages and can be in a narrative format as long as all questions are answered.

  • What is your gender? (Asked to ensure gender diversity)
  • What is your race or ethnicity? (Asked to ensure racial diversity)
  • Which Crash Course are you applying for (you can apply for both, though we don't yet know if we'll admit any participants to both courses)?
  • How do surveillance and privacy issues affect the community where you work?
  • Why is privacy important to your work in libraries?
  • If accepted to LFP's Crash Course, what's one thing you hope to learn or be able to implement in your library work?
  • If accepted to LFP's Crash Course, are there particular days and times of the week that you would be available for one to two hours of online discussion in real time?
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weekly time commitment and format?

    The time commitment is five hours per week, preferably on work time. There will be a weekly two-hour synchronous online discussion, worked out according to participant availability. The rest of the time will be devoted to readings, a discussion forum, and some project work.

  • Are LFP's Crash Courses only for public librarians?

    Our priority is for public librarians and others who engage with a diverse public directly, but we welcome applications from libraries that don't fit this criteria.

  • Are LFP's Crash Courses only for library workers in the United States?

    Our funding and curriculum require us to prioritize librarians within the United States, but we may be able to make some exceptions for exemplary applicants.

  • “DHS (Department of Homeland Security) fought to stop libraries from using privacy technology, but @LibraryFreedom beat them. Librarians are badass.”
    Edward Snowden
    Board Chairman, Freedom of the Press Foundation