Mobile privacy presentation slides in PDF

Settings and general stuff:

iOS settings:
Settings → Touch ID & Passcode
Settings → Spotlight Search (off)
Settings → Keyboard → Predictive Text (off)
Settings → Keyboard → Enable Dictation (off)
Settings → Privacy → Location Services
Only give access where necessary
Settings → Privacy → application data requests (review)
Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics & Usage (don’t send)
Settings → Privacy → Advertising → Limit Ad Tracking

Android settings:
Settings → Connections → turn off all
Settings → location (off)
Settings→ more → Security
Encrypt device
Device administrators
Unknown sources (uncheck)
Verify apps (check)

Strong passphrases:


Calls and texts:

Tor for mobile:
Onion Browser (iOS):

Orbot (proxy with Tor for Android):

Orweb (Tor Browser for Android):

Disconnect mobile (iOS and Android):

Change default search engine to DuckDuckGo:
Firefox for Android: Firefox → settings → customize search → DuckDuckGo

iOS: Settings → choose browser → search engine → DuckDuckGo

Setting up a DuckDuckGo widget on Android:

Private Internet Access (VPN for iOS):

Bitmask (VPN for Android):

More stuff:
ObscuraCam (Android):


Faraday cage:

Extra credit:
Hardening Android:

The Guardian Project:


Privacy Grade:

OwnCloud for mobile:


Replicant FOSS OS for Android: