Privacy Cohort- 3

We're the librarians in the 3rd graduating class of the Library Freedom Institute.

Mark Swartz
Queen’s University, Canada
Ray Pun
Alder Graduate School of Education, CA
John “Mack” Freeman
Gwinnett County Public Library, GA
Laura Savage
Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, MS
Robin Fay
Athens Regional Public Library System, GA
Sam Helmick
Burlington Public Library, IA
Emily Mitchell
Public Library of Brookline, MA
Alexandra Bernson
State Library of Massachusetts, MA
Douglas King
Reaching Across Illinois Library System, IL
Eliza Bettinger
Cornell University Library, NY
Marisa Reichert
Springfield City Library, MA
Meredith Farkas
Portland Community College, OR
Heather Meyer Boothby
Cedar Rapids Public Library, IA
Callan Bignoli
Olin College, MA
Ryan Tackabury
Genesee District Library, MI
Holly Mills
Jackson County Library Services, OR
Nancy Aravecz Shah
Florham Park Public Library, NJ
Stephanie Howell
Salt Lake City Public Library, UT
James Watson
Bronx Community College, CUNY, NY
Katie Elson Anderson
Paul Robeson Library, Rutgers University, NJ
Jennifer Bruneau
Boylston Public Library, MA
Frans Albarillo
Brooklyn College, CUNY, NY
Athanasia Fitos
Miami-Dade Public Library System, FL
  • “DHS (Department of Homeland Security) fought to stop libraries from using privacy technology, but @LibraryFreedom beat them. Librarians are badass.”
    Edward Snowden
    Board Chairman, Freedom of the Press Foundation